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Flower - Surprise Box

Flower - Surprise Box
Flower - Surprise Box

This Flower Box is full of floral prints, that's no surprise anymore. Which flower patterns you get exactly is still a surprise. They are colorful and mainly cotton fabrics of a beautiful quality. In this box you will find 5 pieces of fabric of about 1,5 meters. Do you love floral fabric and can't get enough of it? Then this surprise box is perfect for you!

Price Information:

1 piece: €19.95 (± €2 per meter)

When purchasing:

3 pieces: €13.30 each (± €1.33 per meter)

5 pieces: €9.99 each (± €1 per meter)

Important to know:

The boxes are produced in bulk, which means they may look similar but also have variations. It is not possible to specify preferences. If you want specific prints, you can purchase them separately.

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  • Warehouse: In Stock
  • Model: 0401030
  • Price of 1.00 piece/meter: 19.95€
Ex Tax: 16.49€
3.00 or more 13.30€
5.00 or more 9.99€
This product has a minimum quantity of 1.00