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Combi Box (Winter – Spring)
New -81 %
This temporary box contains fabrics for the 2 seasons that overlap. Namely thick, warm and luxurious fabrics for the winter, but also fresh colors that suit spring.Would you like to know more about what’s inside the Winter and Spring Box? Then take a look at the descriptions of these boxes on o..
50.00€ 265.54€
Ex Tax:41.32€
Spring - Surprise Box
New -67 %
In this brand new surprise box you will find fabrics that suit the spring. A beautiful linen, an airy knitted fabric, or a printed cotton or viscose fabric. From a beautiful floral fabric to a gray thin ribbed fabric. The Spring Box offers a great variety of fabrics with bright and light colors ..
29.95€ 89.95€
Ex Tax:24.75€
Children's Fabric - Surprise Box
Hot -64 %
This Surprise Box contains about 10 meters of printed cotton suitable for children. Cheerful and unique prints in about 10 to 15 pieces of fabric from 0.5 meters to 3 meters. Think of fabrics with monkeys, flowers, stars and other cheerful animals. You can find everything from article number 4783 in..
24.95€ 69.50€
Ex Tax:20.62€
Fleece (Premium) - Surprise Box
Hot -64 %
Beautiful colors of fleece in a thick quality can be found in this box. No less than 5 pieces of fleece or 2 meters long. Spun-Poly fleece is made of spun polyester and is therefore very durable. Due to this production method, the fabric retains its shape longer and you can use it for a long time, t..
34.95€ 97.07€
Ex Tax:28.88€
Flower - Surprise Box
Hot -65 %
This Flower Box is full of floral prints, that's no surprise anymore. Which flower patterns you get exactly is still a surprise. They are colorful and mainly cotton fabrics of a beautiful quality. In this box you will find 5 pieces of fabric of about 1,5 meters. Do you love floral fabric and can't g..
34.95€ 99.95€
Ex Tax:28.88€
Jersey Prints - Surprise Box
Hot -70 %
This Surprise Box contains 10 meters of printed jersey fabric consisting of pieces of fabric of approximately 1.5 meters. This type of fabric is very comfortable to wear and the prints vary from colorful to neutral. Buy this box now for a very competitive price if you like fabric with a print!..
29.95€ 98.55€
Ex Tax:24.75€
Jersey Stripes - Surprise Box
Hot -70 %
Are you crazy about stripes? Then this Surprise Box is perfect for you! This box contains 10 meters of striped jersey fabric consisting of pieces of fabric of approximately 1.5 meters. You get many beautiful striped fabrics in all kinds of variants for a very competitive price...
29.95€ 98.55€
Ex Tax:24.75€
Mega - Surprise Box
Hot -87 %
In this Mega Box you will find about 40 meters of fabric in total. This 40 meters is divided into about 24 to 30 different pieces of fabric. The average length of the pieces of fabric is 1,5 meters, but this can vary. You can expect a wide range of fabrics and the inside changes regularly. Let yours..
50.00€ 398.00€
Ex Tax:41.32€
Party - Surprise Box
New -70 %
This box is for the party animals who like to shine bright! In this box you will find 5 different fabrics of 2 meters long that are suitable for making the perfect party outfit. You can expect glitter, shine and sequins when you order this box...
29.95€ 99.95€
Ex Tax:24.75€
Winter - Surprise Box
Hot -81 %
NOW TEMPORARY UNTIL OUR CURRENT STOCK BOXES ARE OUT OF STOCK: 10 EURO EXTRA DISCOUNTIn this Surprise Box you will find wonderfully warm thick fabrics. They are perfect for making sweaters, cardigans, jackets or blankets. They are mainly plain or mixed colors, but you can also find a nice print in th..
29.95€ 156.70€
Ex Tax:24.75€
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