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Fleece (Premium) - Surprise Box

Fleece (Premium) - Surprise Box
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Fleece (Premium) - Surprise Box

Beautiful colors of fleece in a thick quality can be found in this box. No less than 5 pieces of fleece or 2 meters long. Spun-Poly fleece is made of spun polyester and is therefore very durable. Due to this production method, the fabric retains its shape longer and you can use it for a long time, the fabric remains beautiful. Under a blanket of this fabric you will definitely feel warm on these cold days. But you can also make a nice sweater or jacket out of it.

This box contains 5 pieces of fabric of 2 meters of fleece fabric. Ideal for making beautiful blankets and staying nice and warm!

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  • Model: FLEECE_BOX
  • Price of 1.00 piece/meter: 19.95€
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