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Mega - Surprise Box

Mega - Surprise Box
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Mega - Surprise Box

In this Mega Box you will find about 40 meters of fabric in total. This 40 meters is divided into about 24 to 30 different pieces of fabric. The average length of the pieces of fabric is 1,5 meters, but this can vary. You can expect a wide range of fabrics and the inside changes regularly. Let yourself be positively surprised, your creativity speak and buy this box for a very competitive price.

Not sure what to expect or are you having doubts about ordering so much fabric? Please take a look on our Instagram and check out our highlight 'Mega Box' and make sure your expectation meets reality.

Please note, the fabrics in this box are not folded.

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  • Model: MEGA_BOX
  • Price of 1.00 piece/meter: 50.00€
Ex Tax: 41.32€
This product has a minimum quantity of 1.00
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